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A Gisborne District Councillor says Air New Zealand reducing services to the district will make the region less attractive not only to tourists but also potential and existing residents. 

Air New Zealand currently fly in and out of Gisborne 144 times every week and they plan to cut around 11 percent or 16 flights a week to both Auckland and Wellington. 

Earlier this week Air New Zealand announced new low fares of $29 between the main centres but it can cost on average at least ten times that amount to get in and out of Gisborne.

Mr Caddie said staff from companies in Gisborne that need to travel regularly to meet clients are not impressed with the changes.  

“We are trying to attract people to base themselves here and work nationally and internationally so this decision will be another barrier to attracting and keeping those high earning individuals who choose to live here for the lifestyle. Reducing transport links further is not good for Gisborne and both the airline and the airport company claim Gisborne is important to them, so they need to reassess this situation.” 

“Air travel is not the most affordable or environmentally-friendly mode of transport, but it is an essential link for many local business people that rely on a regular service, including these off peak flights that are now under the axe.” 

“Maintaining easy access to the main centres is absolutely vital for this district – the rail is being cut and now air travel is too.”

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