District Councillor Manu Caddie said he is disgusted with recent vandalism of the Cenotaph. Obscenities and other statements have been written on two of the carved lions around the Cenotaph.  
“A growing number of local young people have little appreciation of the significance of the Cenotaph. It is disturbing that as a community we have haven’t done enough to teach young people what is a sacred space in memory of those who were killed in The Great War.” 
Mr Caddie said some of the comments posted on social media under photos of the graffiti were also concerning with death threats and other physical threats made against the culprits. 
“We are all responsible for our actions and the offenders need to understand what they have done and make amends for the offence they have caused.” 
“We also need to look at ourselves as adults in this community and think about how we can do a better job of connecting with all young people so that the values, ideas and memories we hold dear are passed on to the next generation.”
Mr Caddie has referred the graffiti to Council staff for immediate removal and is appealing for the offenders to come forward and take responsibility for their actions or for their peers to out them. “There are a number of names written on the stone, some people will recognise them and we’re going to ask around to see who knows what.”
Mr Caddie has posted the names from the graffiti below…

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