5 thoughts on “Honest Politicians

  1. Victoria Grant (youtube below) A Twelve year old knows how the monetary system works, She openly talks about it, Keys keeps it very quiet, and he knows more than anyone. Fancy us selling our assets and allowing what is going on to continue when we borrow money (paper and numbers) from the foreign bankers that print it or issue it in their computers and buy our assets with that printed or computer issued numbers or paper. Did you know that seventeen trillion dollars was issued (or Printed) and given to the banks to buy credit default swaps against sovereign debt creating the current Euro zone crisis. All morgages in the USA add up to twelve trillion dollars, all credit card debt adds up to three trillion dollars, all student debt adds up to one trillion dollars. That leaves a balance of one trillion dollars. If that one trillion dollars were distributed between all food stamp recipients each man woman and child would have $120.000.

    Listen to Victoria Grant she has is so right and is only Twelve years Old.

  2. Honest politicians, that is an oxymoron. The above two bad examples are telling you via their leader that we can/need growth for the next 40 years, otherwise the example of a Kiwi Saver that Russell Norman used during the election will never get his/er money back.
    Ask these ‘honest politicians’ what they think of Kiwi Saver , I dare you.

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