Saturday, 2 August 2008
Organisers of the Critical Mass event yesterday were pleased with the ‘march on wheels’. It attracted 35 riders – including two infant passengers on their parents’ bikes.

“I think we made our point – cars and trucks had to slow down as the bikes took over most of the street” said organiser Manu Caddie.

During the event, four-wheel arrogance was illustrated when one cyclist was hit with water thrown by a passenger in a car that overtook the group.

“While we appreciate the efforts to keep us cool as the weather gets warmer, we hope that motorists show support in more creative ways next time,” said Mr Caddie.

At future events cyclists are encouraged to display banners and flags promoting the Critical Mass message.

“I think everyone who took part found biking together was very empowering and you certainly feel less vulnerable than as a single cyclist.” said Mr Caddie.

“It was great to see a diverse cross-section of the community on their bikes and we plan to do this on the last Friday of every month meeting 12.15pm at the Marina carpark and departing 12.30pm.”

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