I was living back at home with mum and dad in Tauranga the year (1996) I got my first fulltime job after completing studies.

When I got home Dad would often ask “So, how was your day toiling in the Salt Mines?”. Now, while the design studio I worked for had some stress involved with the work, I don’t think salt miners would find the analogy appropriate. I did bike past the massive mountains of salt piled up on the wharf at Mt Maunganui each day on my way to work at the agency. Didn’t see any miners – just huge conveyor belts that shift the stuff off the train/trucks into the open storage areas.

Maybe Dad liked to pose the questions as a way to remind me of our privileged existence – he grows vegetables and calls himself an ‘egalitarian’ – I like that.

Anyway, I thought I’d use the poor comparison again as a way to signal my intention to start putting random thoughts, inspiration and information up here – as much for myself to document a progression of ideas as to share the content with others.

Now, remember to limit your salt intake – and make sure it’s not just the fashionable Rock Salt you’re consuming…

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