Well done to the logging truck drivers who raised the port congestion issue.Even achieving “break even” is difficult with an East Coast forest-harvesting operation. We are competing with other log producers who are far closer to our markets so the last thing we need is an inefficient and dangerous entry to our shipping facility. Instead of avoiding the management issue, insulting the Resource Management Act, questioning the common sense of our council planners and the majority of the community Matt Todd should be telling us what he is going to do now. Continued “pie in the sky” management of Eastland Infrastructure is unacceptable. Take responsibility, get the thing flowing, eliminate the traffic hazard, and always have sound contingency plans.”

Local Forester, Mon 24 November 2008 (Gisborne Herald)

I liked this letter in response to comments made by Matt Todd of EIL in a recent GH story that suggested some contempt for the RMA and the ability of citizens affected by proposed developments to have some influence on what is going on in their street. I think an important extension of private property rights and living in a democratic society means we shoudl all be able to have a say on what is happening in our neighbourhood – particularly when it involves significant environmental impacts and the commercial interests of corporations.


The sooner GDC and EIL secure a space out of town to process and store the ‘wall of wood’ coming into town every day the better.

I just got a copy of the Draft Urban Development Strategy approved by GDC – doesn’t seem to be making any significant commitment to getting the logs off arguably the most important historical site in the country – a site that also has some of the highest environmental and social ammenity values in the region. Hmmm, should we expect anything else?!


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