I received 4,570 votes, just 101 short of the number needed to get a seat on Council.

Below are some graphs that show how the voting went. The whole Council stays the same – other than Alan Hall who replaces Margaret Thorpe.

CLICK HERE to download a PDF map produced by GDC that shows which households/streets voted and which did not.

Thank you again for all the messages expressing how disappointed you are that we were not successful this time. I am encouraged by the strong support for the vision, ideas and track-record that I stand for and take this as a mandate to continue in the same direction.

Thanks especially to the annonymous ’84 year old Pakeha woman’ who left a message saying how gutted she was that I didn’t get in, how much she thinks we need positive change and how she would vote for me if she is is still alive in three years time. That was a very encouraging message that made it all worth while!

Planning has already started for the next local body elections in 2010 – this time we will have a three year campaign rather than three months!

A few things are happening that you might want to be involved with:

– – – – –

1. People who REALLY want to see positive change in local leadership should let us know – I will add you to a mailing list to keep you up to date on plans and activities.

There are a huge range of things we can do over the next three years to build more popular support for a different Council and we need as many people as possible willing to commit a couple of hours a month and/or other resources to make it happen.

This website will be used to publish my views on Council activities, individual Councillor performance and other information relating to monitoring Council responsiveness to community aspirations and priority needs.

Please email me now if you want to be added to the mailing list.

– – – – –

2. A survey of voters is being conducted by KaPai Kaiti residents association.

Click here to download the survey form and Freepost it back to KaPai Kaiti.

– – – – –

3. If you know someone who might be interested in standing next time please let us know.

I would be keen to support others who share a similar vision, have a track record of making a positive contribution in the community and are able to articulate their views on local issues – particulalry individuals from sectors of the community not well represented on Council or the DHB at present.

– – – – –

4. I’m writing down some ‘lessons learnt’ from the campaign.

If you are interested in a copy of that please let me know.

– – – – –

5. GDC are producing a map that shows which areas of the community voted and which did not.

If you would like a copy of this please let me (or GDC) know.

– – – – –

2007 GDC City Ward results:



Thank you to everyone who supported my family and myself during the election campaign – it was an incredible experience.

Of course I am disappointed at not being elected but have learnt lots and will be involved in some way or another with the next election.

If you would like to contact me, please call me on 0274 202 957 or 868 6889 or email manu[at]

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