From my submission on the 2007 Draft Annual Plan & LTCCP Review…


–  That GDC undertake a feasibility study that explores various options for increasing Tangata Whenua participation in decision-making at all levels of the organisation.

– That a discussion document is circulated in the community requesting feedback, particularly from Maori, on the most effective options for increasing Tangata Whenua participation.

– That GDC, in consultation with Tangata Whenua representatives from hapu and iwi in the District adopt the most popular options supported by feedback from Tangata Whenua.


The existing provisions for Tangata Whenua deputations at committee meetings and a Maori Liaison Officer are grossly inadequate mechanisms for supporting positive, constructive and meaningful participation by Tangata Whenua in decision-making processes. The legacy of colonisation and settler society provide ample evidence of manifold injustices that have taken place when Tangata Whenua have not been involved in a meaningful way with decisions made by those with positions of regulatory power.

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