At present the Councillors spend a lot of time discussing details of activities that should really not be their concern. Council is about governance – not micro-management.

As a region we are not going to be able to sustainably address the social, economic, cultural and environmental challenges that face us if we do not understand the issues properly.

Intelligent debate and robust decision-making requires good information, focusing on the right questions and creating solutions together that the whole community can own.

Adversarial relationships are incredibly unproductive – we need leaders who can unite around an agreed common vision for the region, a clear set of goals and expected outcomes within realistic timeframes.

Councillors across the political spectrum are encouraging me to stand – Craig Bauld, Margret Thorpe, Brian Wilson, Atareta Poananga, Nona Aston, Kathy Sheldrake and Hemi Hikawai have all given me advice, encouragement and support to stand for Council.

Here are some comments from existing Councillors in response to my decision to stand for Council:

“Manu Caddie and I disagree on almost everything, but that doesn’t matter – what’s important is that Council gets a range of intelligent, thoughtful, hard-working, and committed people who want to make this a better community – and Manu is all of those things. I have a lot of respect for him and I believe he’d make an excellent councillor”. – Craig Bauld

“GO FOR IT ! – I have always admired the way you research and present FACTS. I would be happy to get the odd phone call from you, as I believe in some ways we were on the same track – especially in the Kaiti area.” – Margret Thorpe

“I am pleased to  support Manu as a candidate for Gisborne District Council. He has made so much difference to many lives in his community. His devotion to family and his values encompass much that is needed in our region.” – Nona Aston-Gaskin

“I support new people standing for Council especially younger people. It is a healthy sign for our community and shows democracy is alive and well in Tairawhiti”. – Kathy Sheldrake



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