Congratulations to all those who have worked on a voluntary basis to ensure Gisborne city has a decent (and affordable) system for dealing with our effluent that does not continue to pollute the environment as grossly as the existing mechanism.

While we humans have a short memory and often don’t learn from our mistakes, in this case the process seems to have produced some creative alternatives to the antiquated status quo – and more importantly an example of what is possible when mutual respect, robust research and creative dialogue – rather than cultural supremacy – is the basis of negotiation.


2 responses to “Sewage Solution”

  1. manucaddie Avatar

    I haven’t seen the figures for the estimates on operation, maintenance and depreciation for the respective communities but would certainly get behind efforts to establish local treatment solutions.
    The reality is of course that we have to get the water out of the sewage if we dont want it goiong back to the water ways. I would like us to look more intensively at composting toilets and reduce the reliance on excessive amounts of water being wasted in the toilet systems. Water is going to become an increasing scarce resource and if we can reduce our reliance on it while maintaining health standards then we should.
    I’m not convinced the Councillors and key staff have been effective advocates to central government on our behalf – I know they mean well and try hard but to make a case for on-going subsidies requires a bit of creativity and robust analysis to argue the case with residents of isolated communities wanting to make it happen.

  2. Tom Scott Avatar
    Tom Scott

    Do you have a view on sustainable sewage solutions for our rural townships?
    We have a number of townships where on-site solutions are not working contributing to an unecessary health risk to these often poorer communities.
    Heavy subsidies to lower socio-economic communities (up to 100%) are available fthrough the Ministry of Health yet the GDC have not supported the issue citing community’s ability to fund the costs of operation and maintenance and depreciation.

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