“Safe” and “Healthy” are two important concept – that mean all sorts of things to different people.   

 In 2005 I helped lead a Health Survey of 671 Kaiti residents.

Participants were asked to identify the three biggest health issues for people their age living in Kaiti.

Across all age groups the three most common issues were smoking, alcohol and drugs.

Those under 16 years, identified sex and sexually transmitted diseases as a problem for their age group.

Head lice or kutu was another health issue that featured amongst younger participants.

25 to 44 year olds rated gambling and diet as health issues, alongside smoking, alcohol and drugs.

Middle-aged participants rated diabetes and asthma as significant health issues.

Older participants prioritised health issues such as alzheimers, anxiety attacks and heart problems in addition to diabetes. Those over 65 years identified mobility as a big problem.

Participants were asked to indicate their perception of danger when walking alone in their neighbourhood after dark.

34% thought walking alone after dark was dangerous.

31% thought it was very dangerous.

26% thought it was not very dangerous.

9% thought it was not dangerous at all.  

More than half of participants (65%), regardless of age group, think that it is dangerous to walk alone in their neighbourhood.

Participants under 25 years and over 55 were more likely to think it was very dangerous to walk alone.

KaPai Kaiti are still working with Turanganui PHO and Ngati Porou Hauora on a plan to address the range of health issues identified through this project – if you would like to know more – read the full report at: www.kapaikaiti.com

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