OK, so this is what happens at election time:

1. Eligible candidates are nominated.

2. A few weeks later election packs are posted out to everyone on the electoral roll. IMPORTANT TIP #1: make sure your address is correct on the electoral roll – you can check with the ELECTORAL OFFICE.  

 3. Voters must choose who they want to vote for from the candidates on the voting paper. There are 8 seats in the Gisborne City Ward so voters in the city can have up to 8 votes. IMPORTANT TIP #2: If you vote for 8 candidates just to use up all your available votes you may end up putting someone into Council who you really don’t want in as much as someone else. By giving votes to candidates that you are not convinced you really want to see in there, you may end up knocking off one or more candidates who you do really want to get in. So vote strategically and only for the candidates you REALLY want to see in Council.

4. The top 8 scoring candidates in the City Ward and 1 each in the five rural wards (plus the top polling Mayoral candidate) are elected to office for three years.

5. You can ring them up, write to them or talk to them whenever you see them about issues or concerns you have that you think they should be interested in as a local government representative.

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