I would like to see Councillors working more constructively. At present there seems to be a lot of time and energy wasted because there exists no common vision amongst Councillors. I have a good relationship with a number of existing Councillors including the current Mayor and have facilitated good communication and solid partnerships between a number of community networks in the region and Council staff. I am familiar with legislation that governs the Council in particular the Local Government Act and would like to see us use the Act as a valuable tool for increasing community ownership of processes and solutions to local issues rather than a set of restrictive rules imposed on a resistant Council.I would encourage Councillors to reaffirm their commitment to the outcomes of the Long Term Council Community Plan and to spend some decent time coming to some common understanding of what we all mean by slogans such as “Vibrant Communities”, “Connected Communities”, Prosperous Communities”, ‘Safe & Healthy Haven”, “Positive Leadership”, Fair & Active Democracy”.I have started my own thinking about what I think these terms mean in the context of Gisborne District Council plans and activities and would be keen to learn what everyone else thinks they mean.

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