2016… best year so far?

2016 has been a terrible year for the world in so many ways. Conversely/ironically/coincidentally it has been possibly the best year of my adult life. I thought I better do a quick mihi to the year and acknowledge those who have helped make it great for me.

It’s been exciting to delve headlong into the world of biotech and business – global pharmaceuticals no less – while at the same time doing a quantum leap in my thinking and action on community-led development, participatory economics and sustainable deurbanisation.

The best part has to be working from home with lots of time for whānau and on the whenua.

I’m on a steep learning curve, discovering the beneficial properties of kānuka, fungi and kina – wishing I’d done a bio-chemistry degree instead of design – and learning all about Intellectual Property protection, Joint Venture negotiations and the difference between tripertenes, monoterpenes, flavonoids and flavanones.

I hope these entrepreneuring endeavours exploring the efficacy of extracts elicit lots of new opportunities for our community and regenerative horticulture/aquaculture – regardless, it is really enjoyable and I’m grateful to many people for the experience.

So thanks 2016, I feel sad and mad about Trump, Syria and inequality – but I’ll make the most of this, the best time of my life, and look forward to 2017.