The first meeting of a new advisory group for cycling is being described as ‘constructive’ by local cyclists and the Gisborne District Council.

About 30 people representing diverse sectors of the Gisborne community attended the Cycling Advisory Group meeting hosted by Gisborne District Council. Mayor Meng Foon and Councillor Kathy Sheldrake were present along with commuter and recreational cyclists, Gisborne Cycle Club representatives, staff from local schools and Trustees of the Gisborne Cycle and Walkway Trust.

The meeting discussed and refined a draft Terms of Reference which describes the purpose of the group, clarifies that the group has no authority over Council decisions and activities and outlines the frequency and format of meetings.

Kathy Sheldrake nominated Manu Caddie to Chair the group, this was supported by Muriel Jones from the Gisborne Cycle and Walkway Trust and endorsed by those present. It was agreed that subcommittees will be established to work on particular issues such as promoting cycling, cycleways and road safety – and that a lot of good work had already been undertaken by Council and groups like the Trust.

The group agreed to meet monthly with roundabouts being an initial focus. Organisations involved with the new group will provide short presentations on their current activities and priorities for cycling in Gisborne at the April meeting.

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