A set of resources for people keen to stand in local body elections. 


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This online kit is offered to anyone interested in getting elected to local government. Please email manu[at] for the password to access these pages.

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General reflections on some of my recent election campaign experiences.

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Kete 1 (Download): Deciding whether or not to stand. Clarifying reasons for and against the decision; exploring risks and opportunities; understanding the role, responsibilities, limitations, structure and functions of local government; distinctions between governance, management and operations.

Kete 2 (Download): Four Essentials. Four things that if they are present, almost guarantee you will be elected.

Kete 3 (Download)The First 22 Steps Every Smart Candidate Should Take. A checklist of recommended actions to complete before announcing your candidacy.

Kete 4 (Download):  Social Media Tips for Candidates. 10 things you should do with Facebook to maximise impact.

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Kete 5: Establishing a support base. Recruiting friends and supporters to assist with the campaign.

Kete 6: Mapping the campaign. Developing a tentative timeline from now to election day including major milestones and scaffolding actions.

Kete 7: Establishing a platform. Identifying key issues, testing positions and refining goals.

Kete 8: Developing a public profile. Current profile assessment, ideal candidate profile and profile management planning. Where do I stand on the political spectrum?

Kete 9: Fundraising plan. Establishing a budget and identifying potential sources of income.

Kete 10: Dealing with distractions. Managing personal and public challenges, recovering from PR disasters.

Kete 11: Setting the agenda. Gaining positive attention and articulating a coherent vision.

Kete 12: On the ground campaigning. Public meetings, door-to-door canvassing, posters, advertising, social-media, websites, emails, flyers & leaflets.

Kete 13: Building a movement. Utilising networks, experts and public momentum – before, during and after the campaign.

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For more information please contact Manu Caddie: manu[at] /  0274202957